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CENTER:*綱領・定款 [#jb0e1b04]

**日本放射線技師会綱領 [#j49da46e]

We will render our services to those in need of heath care.~
We will act as individual members of a health care team.~
We will perform our duties in our field of specialty.~
We will continue to study for the benefit of mankind.~
We will respect and practice the policy of informed consent.~
**福井県放射線技師会 定款・諸規定 [#ie9618db]
***福井県放射線技師会 [#uc58efa9]

&color(Blue){定  款}; (PDF 69KB) 
定  款http://www.fukui-rt.jp/teikan/teikan.pdf (PDF 69KB) 
***諸規定 [#eaa142ae]
&color(Blue){総会議事規定}; (PDF 34KB)~
&color(Blue){役員選出規定}; (PDF 26KB)~
&color(Blue){事務処理規定}; (PDF 24KB)~
&color(Blue){会計処理規定}; (PDF 36KB)~
&color(Blue){会費納入規定}; (PDF 13KB) &color(Red){平成19年改正};~
&color(Blue){表彰規定}; (PDF 23KB)~
&color(Blue){旅費規定}; (PDF 22KB)~
&color(Blue){慶弔規定}; (PDF 17KB)~
&color(Blue){事務所運営規定}; (PDF 14KB)~
&color(Blue){研究会・同好会の結成ならびに名称使用に関する規定}; (PDF 16KB)~

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(社) 福井県放射線技師会
The Fukuiken Association of Radiological Technologists
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